Beet.TV Politics Summit Panel Weighs Benefits Of Data Targeting, Reality Of Spending

WASHINGTON, D.C.-Political candidates aren’t the only humans capable of saying one thing and then doing another. While many a campaign’s media strategists talk a great game about harnessing digital ads and programmatic television to target voters with less waste, there’s a big disconnect from what they actually do. This sentiment was echoed by all three […]


TV Buyers Will Pay More For Programmatic Efficiency: TubeMogul’s Dybwad

WASHINGTON, D.C.-It’s common wisdom that the growth of programmatic television advertising has been constrained less by technology than by the difficulty in herding together all the players that own the inventory. But at a more basic level, human instinct is in play. There are a “lot of different actors on a lot of different levels,” […]


Political Campaigns Benefit From Header Bidding: Intermarkets Snow explains

This election year, $1.1B of an expected total of $11.4B political ad spending will go to digital, according to a recent Borrell Associates estimate. But how is that money being used online? One advertising technology firm buying ads for campaigns says a new flavour of programmatic is rising – and not all ads have to be political in […]