The Truth About Context & Safety: IAS’ Marlow

CANNES – The media industry has been through a couple of years in which ad buyers swerved away from news media for fear troubling stories would put off audiences. By and large, industry education efforts have succeeded in telling the story that such an impact is not necessarily true. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Tony […]


IAS CEO Utzschneider Welcomes 2022 With New “Context”

Having raised $270 million from an IPO in 2021, ad verification company Integral Ad Science (IAS) is continuing an acquisition trail designed to accelerate key growth areas. The company has acquired Context, a Paris-based digital content classification company. Here is is the press release. In this video interview with Beet.TV, IAS CEO Lisa Utzschneider explains […]


IAS is Integrated into Twitter & Other Social Platforms Will Follow, CEO Utzschneider

In December, Twitter announced the integration of third party verification vendors to validate advertising in its live feed. Integral Ad Science is one of the providers and its CEO Lisa Utzschneider expects that other social platform will follow, responding to intense marketers’ demands. This was one of the topics covered in this podcast episode of […]