Identity Begins At Home: TransUnion’s Rudich On Post-Cookie ROI

SAN JUAN, PR — As the digital landscape continues to fragment, advertisers face the daunting challenge of reaching consumers who are scattered across an ever-expanding universe of media channels and platforms. For Gillian Rudich, the complexity of today’s ecosystem necessitates a sophisticated approach to understanding and engaging with audiences. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Rudich, […]


Clean Rooms Are A Game-Changer: TransUnion’s Rudich

SAN JUAN, PR — One of the hottest software trends in ad-tech has been the emergence of “clean rooms”. The software helps companies combine and overlay data sets in a privacy-compliant manner, allowing for deduplication, segment creation and so on. For Gillian Rudich, VP, Strategic Partnerships, TransUnion, clean rooms offer transparency and privacy, as well as […]