Cultural Insights Offer Edge in Ad Strategies: OMD’s George Manas

LAS VEGAS – Social media have sped up the proliferation of cultural moments, transforming digital images into viral memes and turning everyday people into celebrities overnight. Marketers can participate in these moments, making themselves relevant to consumers who spend their time with digital media. “We integrate cultural data sets that really give us an understanding […]


Brands Should Prepare for Next Tech Trends: OMD CEO George Manas Chats With Omnicom Media’s Ben Hovaness

CANNES – Separating passing fads from enduring innovations can vex marketers as they decide what kinds of technologies to adopt in their advertising. Lately, there is consistent discussion about Web3 as the next stage in interactive media after the commercialization of the internet and the growth of social media. Web3 is seen as a more […]


Ad Spending for Streaming Media Is Reaching Broad Scale: OMD’s George Manas

The rapid growth of the streaming media audience in the past few years has pushed marketers to look for opportunities to reach these viewers. Media companies are answering that demand with the development of advertising formats that provide targeting at a greater scale. “We saw so much transformation coming out of the pandemic with all […]


First-Party Data, AI Technology Will Sharpen Programmatic Ad Targeting: OMD’s George Manas

Next year will bring more innovation in audience targeting, as artificial intelligence (AI) technology combined with first-party consumer data support programmatic buying among a wider variety of media channels. Advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning will make the technologies a more central part of reaching consumers among devices including smartphones, tablets and connected TVs. […]


Omnichannel Marketing Has 3 Crucial Parts: OMD’s George Manas

Successful omnichannel advertising strategies require a holistic approach involving people, process and technology. The ultimate goal of that approach is to reach target consumers among the growing universe of fragmented marketing channels while also avoiding wasteful media spending. “The linchpin for omnichannel anything is really to start with the audience and with the consumer, versus […]