How Attention Peaks Are Activated: Finecast’s Lewis

SANTA MONICA — All advertisers and programmers want “attention”. But, in a distractible world, what is attention, exactly, and how does it get made? In this video interview with Beet.TV, one addressable TV enabler explains what research says about TV and attention. Tuning in Earlier this year, Finecast, GroupM’s addressable tv division, published research to better […]


Finecast’s Progress: Taking Advanced TV Ads To 14 Markets

LONDON – It started with an aim to stitch together the advanced TV ad targeting opportunity in its native UK. Now GroupM’s Finecast is embarking on a global roll-out, intent on driving up the commercial potential of the channel. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Finecast’s CEO Nicola Lewis explains the expansion. Helping advertisers “What […]


Taking A Stand: Finecast’s Jakob Nielsen Spends Responsibly On CTV

LONDON – Give ad spend direct to broadcasters and responsible companies, not the new generation of CTV fraudsters. That is the message from the connected TV division of the world’s biggest media buying agency. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Finecast CEO Jakob Nielsen says it is safer and more responsible to swerve open CTV […]


The Barrier Is Lower & Fragmented: Finecast’s Harcus On Buying Addressable TV

LONDON  –  In the emerging world of addressable TV advertising, the dichotomy for buyers appears to be this – the technology makes buying TV cheaper than ever, yet channel fragmentation means doing so remains burdensome. Addressability allows ad buyers to target ads at particular groups of viewers – sometimes even individual households – thanks to […]


Advanced TV Brings All Hands To The Pump: Finecast’s Caxton

LONDON – Ad agencies are rearchitecting themselves to meet the opportunities of advanced TV technology that promises them the ability to reach individual households or precision-targeted groups of individuals. That is the observation from one group providing a helping hand to agencies under the banner of the world’s largest agency holding group. Finecast claims to […]


Diversity Inherent In Addressable TV: Finecast’s Harcus

The promise of addressable TV – the technology which allows advertisers to reach individual households – may seem to be all about the targeting. But true use of the opportunity is running wider than that. This is according to one man whose addressable TV company is celebrating having achieved a depth of real use cases. […]


The Long Slow Road To Scale & Power: Finecast’s Jakob Nielsen On Advanced TV

CANNES – Building the infrastructure required to deliver addressable TV ad campaigns at scale is a “10-year sprint” for the man charged with doing that for the world’s biggest media agency holding group. But Jakob Nielsen is having the time of his life. In 2017, WPP’s GroupM launched Finecast, aiming to “help advertisers address hard-to-reach […]


Targeting Restores TV Ads’ Contextual Power: Finecast’s Astley

LONDON — TV isn’t dying, it’s just changing. Whilst that isn’t necessarily the view of tech aficionados who like to declare telly “dead”, it is the view of many within the TV industry who are trying to march the medium on to a brighter future. TV isn’t without its challenges, of course. But, in this video […]


Amazon Will Be A Gigantic Ad Sales House: Finecast’s Nielsen

LONDON — Over the last two years, the growing realization that Amazon brings significant skin to the digital advertising game has ballooned. And that is crossing off its ecommerce platform and on to online TV, too. In a recent terms of service update for Fire TV ad sales, Amazon says “Fire TV Ad-Enabled Apps must […]


Finecast’s Page Mulls A Self-Serve Tool For Agencies & Brands

LONDON — It is now more than a year since GroupM launched Finecast, a new subsidiary to bring together various strands of addressable TV advertising. What comes next? Maybe getting it in to the hands of media agencies, says the man who runs the product. “We’re looking to bring that out into markets, so the […]


Corus Entertainment’s Marcus: Self-Serve TV Audience Buying In Beta, Addressable Faces Hurdles

TORONTO – Advertisers can target specific audiences on 24 of Corus Entertainment’s adult specialty stations via a self-serve advertising platform designed to ease buyer “pain points.” But while the technology would facilitate household addressability, Canadian regulations and other hurdles stand in the way, according to the company’s head of Advanced Advertising Sales, Barry Marcus. Powered […]


Canadian Research Shows Misconceptions, Attributes Of TV Viewing: Viacom’s Kurz

TORONTO – Turns out that Canadian television viewers aren’t much different from those in other countries. Research shows that in-home viewing promotes “household bonding” while providing a much-desired cultural connection to the outside world. Not that the advertising industry knew this instinctively. In fact, it’s been looking in the wrong direction for awhile, according to […]


Rogers Media Must Compete In North American Market: SVP Watson

TORONTO – Even though it has different television regulations, Canada is officially part of North America along with the United States. So as direct-to-consumer television offerings proliferate, companies like Rogers Media are trying to piece together the ever-shifting puzzle that is program acquisition and commissioning. “So what we need to look at here in Canada […]


Furious Corp’s Swartz Sees Collaboration, Innovation In Canadian TV Market

TORONTO – As she takes in the proceedings at the Future of TV Advertising Forum, Ashley J. Swartz sees a spirit of collaboration toward making television easier to buy along with a “petri dish of opportunity” for marketers. This “interesting construct of a market” with huge geography and “not a lot of people” still has […]


From The UK To Canada: Cadent’s Growing TV Connections

TORONTO — As Cadent’s technology powers the targeted-television advertising platform that pools the inventory of Sky and Virgin Media in the UK and Ireland, the company is busy helping to scale dynamic ad insertion in Canada. Among its tasks for Sky and Virgin are creating a “compliant, walled garden” to abide by GDPR privacy strictures, […]


New Set-Top Boxes Mean Imminent Scale For Addressable TV In Canada: Finecast’s Astley

TORONTO—Although Canada is behind the United States in the adoption of addressable linear television advertising—owing largely to inadequate set-top boxes—that’s going to change quickly. “Disruption is here” in the form of Netflix and other OTT providers, says Rich Astley, Global Chief Product Officer of GroupM’s Finecast agency. Canada is a “fascinating market and for many […]


Sky & Finecast Foresee Strong Addressable Growth

CANNES — Together, they have partnered to raise the bar for addressable TV advertising, the new practice through which ad buyers can target viewers down to the household level. So, what do Sky and Finecast think is the future for addressable? Sky is the UK’s leading pay-TV provider, whose AdSmart was one of the world’s […]


Finecast’s Astley Aims To Embed Addressable At Agencies And Overseas

CANNES — The addressable TV company GroupM established to tackle the challenge of cross-screen audience targeting and standardized measurement is still planning to expand beyond is initial UK launch market later in 2018. Last year, the agency launched Finecast, spanning multiple TV channels, pay-TV platforms, set-top boxes, video-on-demand services, over-the-top providers and game consoles. Finecast offers advertisers […]


Beet Retreat Miami Panel Probes Advanced-TV Roadblocks: Furious Corp., 4C Insights, Oracle Data Cloud And Finecast

MIAMI – If you could change just one thing tomorrow that could speed up the advanced-television business, what would that be? Maybe nothing that would have an immediate impact on the way things were done—inertia being what it is—but it’s good to ponder the question anyway. This was the approach taken by Ashley J. Swartz, […]


WPP’s New Finecast to be Global, Advanced TV Ecosystem

MIAMI — It has a large and increasingly switched-on populace, and, when it comes to television, more and more of that consumer base is going straight to over-the-top. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the CEO of a company GroupM has established to work on addressable TV advertising in the UK has an observation that may […]

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