“We will be an advertising platform for the converged world,” Amobee COO Domenic Venuto

LONDON — Thirteen years in business and $72 million in funding tends to give you a certain authority position in the marketplace. For Amobee, the demand-side platform and analytics suite operator, that position seems to be getting bigger. After already acquiring Ringring Media, AdJitsu, Gradient X, Adconion, Kontera and Turn, the Redwood City, CA, company this […]


VivaKi’s Tech Chief: We Find “Dodgy Players” Among Tech Vendors

PALM SPRINGS, CA – In the nascent digital media world, there a number of emerging tech vendors who make unsubstantiated claims, says Domenic Venuto, Global President of Technology and Data for VivaKi, a Publicis unit.   He calls them “dodgy players” and part of his agency’s role is to vet them, he explains in this […]