Qualcomm Backs New Video Streaming Standard, MPEG-Dash

AMSTERDAM – After two years of work on standards, MPEG-Dash, a new industry format for streaming video, is being "productized" by Qualcomm, says Thomas Stockhammer in this interview with Beet.TV


Adobe to Integrate MPEG Dash from the “Player to the Server”

AMSTERDAM – MPEG Dash, the newly standardized format for streaming digital video, will help broadcasters seamlessly move content to digital devices, will be part of the Adobe ecosystem from its player to its servers, says Arjun Saksena, Senior Project Manager in this interview with Beet.TV


Microsoft is Committed to Growing MPEG Dash

AMSTERDAM – Microsoft is committed to the new video streaming standard MPEG Dash and is integrating it into its Azure Media Services, its full line of cloud-based media services, says Sudheer Sirivara, Director of Media Services for Microsoft, in this interview with Beet.TV


MPEG Dash is “Blossoming” via Industry Support and EU Regulation, Akamai’s Will Law

AMSTERDAM — Ratified in April, MPEG Dash, the first international standard for delivering segmented media to digital devices, is getting considerable support from industry leaders including Akamai, Adobe, Microsoft and others, and is being quickly adopted in Europe where its use is mandated by regulation, says Will Law, Principal Architect, Cloud Media Engineering at Akamai […]


Adobe’s Ashley Still on Video Platform Transformation: Dash, Flash, HTML, AIR and “PhoneGap”

AMSTERDAM — Adobe is fully behind MPEG Dash as an emerging standard for live streaming, sees continued dominance of Flash on the desktop, is committed to HTML and sees AIR and PhoneGap as solutions for mobile distribution, says Ashley Still, Director of Video, in this wide-ranging conversation about the changing platforms for video content distribution.  


Elemental Debuts H.265, “Next Generation” Video Compression Standard

AMSTERDAM – Elemental, the Portland, Oregon-based video compression hardware and cloud provider, presented its video compression solution for H.265 at the IBC conference. According to Keith Wymbs, VP, the “next generation” video standard has shown reduction of bitrate of 40 percent, while retaining the quality of H.264, the current standard.


MPEG Dash is in Live Tests on Google Chrome

AMSTERDAM – The emergence of MPEG Dash as a standard for streaming Internet video has reached a milestone of sorts as it is being tested by Google on Chrome in a limited program initiated earlier this month, says Will Law, Principal Architect, Media Cloud Engineering, Akamai, in this video interview at the IBC conference.