Data, Data Everywhere: CIMM’s Watts Sees An Industry Transitioning Through Innovation

On October 10 and 11, the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) gathered speakers and guests at Warner Bros. Discovery’s New York HQ to discuss the future of media. Summing-up CIMM Summit, Jon Watts, Managing Director, CIMM, tells Beet.TV the event discussed three key themes: Measurement Activation Innovation A Transition in Measurement and Currency “(We […]


CIMM’s Clarke Wants More Multi-Platform Measurement

There may be several competing digital media measurement standards already out in the marketplace, but Jane Clarke thinks they don’t capture the full picture, so she wants to plug the gap. Clarke has led the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) since it was formed in 2009 by television content providers, media agencies and advertisers […]


Turner’s Rockwood: Better Cross-Screen Measurement Means Easier Transactions

Given the complexity of the premium video marketplace, “It’s just been messy to do business,” says Turner’s Beth Rockwood. But that doesn’t mean complexity is necessarily a bad thing. For nearly 10 years the industry has been aware of the challenge of “needing to do something different and better,” Rockwood explains in this interview with […]


ARF Research Will Develop Cross-Platform Measurement, Attribution Standards: CRO Donato

The ARF is devoting 2019 to working with its members on empirical research that can help to shape industry standards for cross-platform audience measurement and advertising attribution. Until then, tension will exist among the buy- and sell-side, along with the plethora of companies offering measurement and attribution solutions. The latter was evident at the recent […]


FreeWheel’s Marcus On The Impact Of Creative In Cross-Screen Campaigns

One aspect of cross-screen video advertising attribution that will need to catch up with others is being able to determine the impact of different creative iterations. Some research suggests creative can account for as much as 70% of overall campaign performance, according to FreeWheel’s Claudio Marcus. Much of the in-depth studies that FreeWheel has done […]


CBS Wants Data to “Speak to Each Other,” Research Head Subramanyam

Lack of innovation isn’t a problem when it comes to advanced television and cross-screen measurement, because there’s lots of it out there, according to Radha Subramanyam. But the Chief Research & Analytics Officer at CBS wonders about the ultimate goal. “I think there’s a ton of innovation, inventions, a lot of granular data in the […]


Spark Foundry’s Giacosa Critiques Modern Day Marketing Mix Modeling

For something that has been evolving for several decades, marketing mix modeling is still very much a journey in progress. To Spark Foundry’s Lisa Giacosa, the final destination should represent a hybrid of short- and long-term ROI, brand equity and de-duplicated reach and frequency metrics. Overall, Giacosa says in this interview with Beet.TV at the […]


‘Nutrition Label’ For Ad Data Will Spotlight Sources: CIMM’s Clarke

There are now thousands of sources of customer data that can help ad buyers target their campaigns at particular groups of consumers. And many of them now extend to function on the new screen of advanced TV. But, in an ocean of data, how can advertisers catch the sets that are accurate, timely and effective […]