Chinese VOD Getting Combined Theater, Online Movie Window: iQiyi’s Yansong

BERLIN — In an industry long dominated by Youku and Tudou, Baidu-backed iQiyi has risen to become the most popular VOD service in China. Speaking with Beet.TV at this week’s Berlinale (Berlin Film Festival), iQiyi Motion Pictures president Li Yansong said this is despite three problems that have previously inhibited the market in China: Piracy: “In the […]


Asia-Pacific’s Diverse Range for Programmatic: Xaxis’ De Rijk

COLOGNE — Advertisers expect an extension of quotas governing television content to soon encompass online video, dampening digital advertising prospects. “There will be a big change in the video landscape in China in the coming months,” Xaxis Asia-Pacific MD Michel de Rijk told Beet.TV in this video interview at DMEXCO. “The Chinese government steps in pretty […]