Channel 4 Explores Ecommerce, FAST Future For TV Ads

LONDON, UK — British TV network Channel 4 is right in the middle of its Future4 strategy, which targets getting 30% of revenue from digital sources by 2025. The company was an early mover toward programmatic TV ad sales via its BVOD platform. And it has got closer to the retail media economy. Next up, […]


Channel 4 Aims To Prove Off-Platform Works By Measuring New YouTube Footprint

LONDON, UK — While other UK public service broadcasters continue their strategy of building their own streaming services, Channel 4 is also venturing out, in search of younger viewers. While it continues to major with its own All 4 platform, which is being renamed simply “Channel 4”, the broadcaster has re-ignited a partnership with YouTube […]


Channel 4 Draws Viewers From YouTube, Offers ‘Transactional’ TV Ads

LONDON, UK — While most UK public service broadcasters remain intent on growing their own cross-platform streaming environments, Channel 4 is has decided it also needs to find audiences in the other places they go to watch video. Ad-funded but with a public remit to take creative risks, Channel 4, which celebrates its 40th birthday […]


Targeting Tools Can Woo Advertisers Through Pandemic: Channel 4’s Lewis

LONDON — UK broadcaster Channel 4 is seeing a 40% bump in views on All 4, its multi-platform on-demand player, during the coronavirus pandemic. Now all it has to do is reverse ad revenue that is declining even faster. Early in April, the broadcaster said “TV ad market (sales are) set to be down in […]


UK Broadcasters Coming Together For Addressable TV: Channel 4’s Salmon

It is now a decade since UK competition authorities prohibited Project Kangaroo, a proposed, Hulu-style video-on-demand service in which three UK broadcasters would offer their content through the same ad-supported platform. So the intervening decade has seen individual broadcasters double-down on their own-brand viewing platforms. In the case of Channel 4, the ad-funded public service […]


Collaboration Can Overcome Fragmented Audiences: Comcast Cable President Marcien Jenckes

Can industry optimism and collaboration defeat fragmentation? From the viewpoint of Marcien Jenckes, the answer is a resounding yes. Jenckes, who is President, Advertising, Comcast Cable believes now is the time to be very optimistic about what premium video can be. “It is the best way for marketers to reach their audiences. We’re coming off […]


FreeWheel Council for Premium Video Europe Debuts At Cannes With Major Industry Support

CANNES – Expanding its premium video advocacy footprint beyond North America, FreeWheel debuted the FreeWheel Council for Premium Video Europe (FWCE) at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. Right out of the gate, the FWCE garnered the support of the some of the biggest TV programmers and operators across the region. Initial FWCE members include […]


FreeWheel Co-Founder Diane Yu: Big Tech Platforms Need To Be Agile, Anticipate Customer Demands

COLOGNE-Being a big ship that cannot turn quickly is not a ship you want to be piloting when it comes to technology platforms, according to Diane Yu, CTO and one of three co-founders of premium video solutions provider FreeWheel. Unless you are agile enough to grow while anticipating all customers’ demands, “You then fall behind […]


UK’s Channel 4 Goes Big with Programmatic Offering

LONDON — Respected UK public broadcaster Channel 4 may be a public broadcaster – but, unlike the BBC, it still has to raise its own funds commercially. So, the company is hoping its coming-soon PVX programmatic video trading platform will give it a foundation to reap more of the money coming in to programmatic. Announced in November […]


Channel 4’s Lewis Sees A Big-Screen Future For Programmatic Ads

COLOGNE — If UK government papers photographed by the press this month are to be believed, Channel 4 – the publicly-owned, advertising-funded broadcaster with a remit to be daring and creative – could be sold off, in the latest dimunition of state-linked organisations. Until and regardless of whether that happens, the company is shooting toward a future in which […]