Addressable Ads Demand Big Data Approach to TV Ratings: Omnicom’s Ben Hovaness

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Changes in people’s television viewing habits and the growth of data captured from connected devices like smart TVs are influencing the way audiences are measured. A variety of startups have emerged to offer alternate metrics to help set the value of advertising transactions, challenging marketers to evaluate which ones work best. […]


Keep an Eye on Audience Identifers, CTV Growth: Omnicom’s Ben Hovaness

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – The gradual disappearance of online tracking cookies and device identifiers is challenging the advertising industry to develop a way to improve their ad targeting while also protecting consumer privacy. The need for new identifiers is heightened with the growing popularity of connected television (CTV) as people watch video content on […]


Programmatic Video Heading To Unified Auction: OMG’s Hovaness

What started as a way for publishers to sell their video ad space more easily quickly became a series of disconnected islands. “Header bidding” technology sought to solve all that – eliminating the “waterfall” through which publishers would entertain ad bids from different demand platforms sequentially, thus allowing them to entertain maximum prices in a […]