Technology Is Transforming Media Sales: Execs from Matrix Solutions, Hearst, Weather Group, Univision, Xumo, FreeWheel, Fox, Comcast

Television advertising sales are becoming increasingly automated as digital technologies transform the way marketers and media agencies run campaigns. Computerized auctions of video ad inventory have established a foothold in connected TV (CTV), and are expected to transform the broader television marketplace amid its technological evolution. Managing Sales Amid Complexity Mark Gorman, chief executive of […]


Post-Lockdown Inventory Constraint Is Tailwind For Weather Group’s Bekkedahl

Now that the clouds over the media industry are parting as COVID-19 lockdown constraints ease, industry watchers are trying to forecast the chances of an uptick. For The Weather Group, the near future is about a steady bounce-back fueled by recovery, SVoD and a culture change. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Barbara Bekkedahl, president […]