Local TV Needs Better Measurement: Alphonso’s Chordia

Whilst national TV networks upgrade their technology to support better targeting, buying and measurement of TV and digital video ads, local TV operators risk being left out. That is according to one technology supplier who doesn’t, as some might, see local as back water – he sees it as an opportunity. “One of the parts […]


Alphonso’s Chordia Brings TV Ad Analytics To Europe, UK First

SAN FRANCISCO — It is often said that, when it comes to advanced TV advertising, the UK has a lead through the Sky’s AdSmart offering. But, when it comes to insights in to advanced TV advertising, one company is now bringing capabilities to Europe that it says have existed in the US for years. Alphonso‘s […]


Alphonso’s Chordia On How TV Ads Can Drive Store Purchases

Over the last few years of digital marketing evolution, two accepted wisdoms have bubbled up. First, that TV is a top-of-funnel advertising medium – good for sparking interesting, but difficult to tack consumers all the way through to purchase. Second, that digital media are supremely measurable, but that they can make little impact on the […]


New Data Sources Are Coming: TruOptik, Neustar, Alphonso & 605 Discuss

VIEQUES, PR — Age, gender and demographic just don’t cut it anymore. In the new age of advertising super-powers, marketers want to target consumers with more more granularity and certainty than traditional measurements allow. Fortunate, then, that a whole new raft of data sources is coming on-stream to help them do that. In a panel discussion convened […]


Alphonso Brings Real-Time To TV Attribution: CEO Chordia

VIEQUES, PR — Of all the ad-tech vendors promising to light up video opportunities, Alphonso is one of the lesser-known. But the three-year-old company says it is has some handy tricks up its sleeve to help marketers plan and figure out the effectiveness of ad spending across TV and video platforms. Alphonso‘s offering brings the ability […]