Philo’s McCollum Looks Forward To Dynamic, Friendly TV Ads

The little TV startup that began when a couple of college kids hacked together a satellite dish, tinfoil and a wireless transmitter is now dreaming of a world in which viewers are put in control. Philo was formed out of Tivli, after a pair of Harvard students devised a way to give viewers a better way […]


From Tin Foil To OTT: McCollum On Philo’s TV Dreams

Why do some of the best innovations emerge out of college campus hacks? Once upon a time, Mark Zuckerberg bestowed The Facebook on Harvard, soon joined by four other founders including another Vardian, Andrew McCollum. By the time Facebook was busy turning cashflow-positive, in 2009, two other Harvard students, Nicholas Krasney and Tuan Ho, were busy […]