Albertsons’ New Media Network Does Data Integration In The ‘Co-Op Garden’

LAS VEGAS — One of the new crop of retail media networks is gung-ho for a new software category it thinks can allow it to prove the worth of CPG brands’ ad spend. Grocery chain Albertsons Companies, which launched Albertsons Media Collective in 2021, is using “clean room” technology, which allows partners to collaborate using […]


Excitement & Inertia: Albertsons’ Argyilan Wants A ‘Co-Op Garden’ Approach To CTV, Retail Media

SANTA MONICA — They are two of the most exciting new channel opportunities available to marketers and agencies today. So why are so many of them struggling to embrace connected TV and the new retail media platforms? In this video interview with Beet.TV at Beet Retreat Santa Monica 2022, a former agency leader turned retail […]