IAB Research: Link Between NewFronts, Original Video Ad Spend Upswing

The Internet Advertising Bureau’s latest Video Ad Spend Study shows a near doubling of marketer investments in original digital video since 2015 and a correlation between the buying activity and the NewFronts. Eight out of 10 marketers surveyed for the IAB “said they increased their spending on original digital video because of the NewFronts in […]


Trusted Media Brands Bulks Up Digital Team, Video Partnership With Arcade Creative Group

Following the 2016 Digital Content NewFronts, Trusted Media Brands managed to produce 65 videos for its advertising partners. Along the way it learned that it needed even more digital video capabilities. “We’ve got a really high bar to get past in 2017,” says Rich Sutton, CRO of the more than century old publisher “gets it […]


Entrepreneur Taps Network Of Some 80 Video Partners To Inform, Inspire Startups

Knowing that trying to be an entrepreneur can be “lonely and terrifying,” Entrepreneur.com has bulked up its own content creation output with a network of nearly 80 partners who have been down that particular road and have stories to tell. At a time when so many people fear for their jobs, some are ready to […]


Newsy Eyes The Big Screen, OTT Dominance In The News Business

Like most publishers, Newsy wants to reach consumers on every type of screen out there. But it’s particularly fixed on being on the biggest screens, as in the living room. And if it can disrupt the likes of CNN along the way, all the better. “The big picture for us is really moving toward the […]


VICE Media’s Tom Punch: 300 Hours Of Original Programming While Exploring ‘New Creative Spaces’

VICE Media is spreading its creative wings in both the types of programming it offers and the ways in which brands can engage with its viewers. On the content side, “We speak with a voice that just connects with young people,” says Chief Commercial & Creative Officer Tom Punch. “People like to spend more time […]


Turner’s Johnson Looks Beyond C7 To Dynamic VOD Ad Delivery

Over-the-top viewing of CNN “is blowing up in terms of consumption,” while video on demand is providing a big boost to Turner’s entertainment business. The latter provides a venue for commercial viewing via dynamic ad insertion beyond the C7 ratings window, according to Nick Johnson, SVP of Digital Media Strategy at Turner. As consumers migrate […]


Tobaccowala At The NewFronts: Of Creativity, New Players And ‘Dinosaur Companies’ Coming Alive Again

Marketers all around the globe face three basic, common challenges, according to longtime advertising executive Rishad Tobaccowala. They are reigniting growth, engaging with consumers and finding the right organizational structure that can facilitate the first two. “For most countries, the number one thing that clients are looking for is how do they grow again. So […]


Digitas’ Kelly On NewFronts: Complete Ecosystem Of Premium Digital Programming

While the term “premium digital video” has become quite commonplace at the Digital Content NewFronts, when the event debuted 10 years ago was on few peoples’ radar screen. Now premium video can be considered a table stake for content creators who hope to get marketers’ attention. One of the most interesting things that Jill Kelly, CMO […]


Digitas’ View Of Digital Content NewFronts: Cave Men, Astronauts And Storytelling

What do cave men and astronauts have in common? More than either one could ever imagine, if you’re DigitasLBi, which decided to help the advertising industry broaden its view of digital media a decade ago by birthing the Digital Content NewFronts. The theme of last year’s NewFronts was ad skipping, recalls Scott Donaton, Chief Content […]


Hearst’s Sosin: Cosmo’s Snapchat Discover Presence Is ‘Perfect Marriage Of Platform And Brand’

Creating a daily digital habit beyond just checking one’s smartphone every few seconds isn’t easy, given the deluge of content at one’s fingertips. But Hearst says its Cosmopolitan brand done just that about two years after being a launch partner for Snapchat Discover. Lee Sosin, SVP, Hearst Digital Media, calls it “a perfect marriage of […]


IAB’s Bager: Digital Content NewFronts More Marketplace Than Conference

The Digital Content NewFronts has moved from conference to marketplace, with more emphasis on selling amid record attendance. Major themes emerging this year thus far range from OTT to mobile video, brand safety to Gen Z and how content gets distributed to audiences. According to Anna Bager, “lots of deals” have taken place since the […]


Defy Media Broadens Smosh Comedy Franchise For Gen Z, Millennials

If there’s ever a time to build strong program brands that people trust, it would be before technology makes the concept of traditional television channels irrelevant. Keith Richman is already thinking ahead to a time when “the notion of channels” will go away. The prognostications of the President of Defy Media will come as no […]


Mindshare’s Witkowski: ‘Inspired And Educated’ By Digital Content NewFronts

What do you get when you combine the “beauty of TV with the brains of digital?” Endless amounts of great content and the data with which to measure consumer engagement with it. Along with the continued explosion of live content streamed online, these are noteworthy trends to Emma Witkowski, Managing Director of global media and […]


Omnicom’s Marx On Digital NewFronts: Compact View Of Great Content, Ad Solutions

Advertisers are happy when they can their desired reach audiences at the right time with the right messages. For their agencies, finding out about these audiences and how to reach them in a concentrated way like the Digital Content NewFronts makes it easier to compare value propositions. “It’s really a way for all of these […]


Refinery29’s Emmerich: Brands Can Leverage Publisher-Audience Trust With Right Messaging

Giving more power to audiences has helped to build the female-focused Refinery29 while building a trust that benefits brands. But some marketers need to adapt their messaging in order to leverage that trust. “They’re the boss of me,” Chief Content Officer Amy Emmerich says of the company’s audience, which Refinery29 says represents a global footprint […]


Whistle Sports: Short-Form Video Content About Everything But Live Action

If you’re between the ages of 13 and 34 and love sports but have a short attention span, Whistle Sports was created with you in mind. The global sports media company doesn’t do live sports per se but “everything else,” says Founder and CEO John West. “We provide content that we think is really authentic. […]


IAB’s Rothenberg Says Digital Video Via OTT, Mobile Now A ‘Mainstream Consumer Medium’

One big takeaway from the 2017 Digital Content NewFronts on which both buyers and sellers can agree is that “What we’ve been calling digital video has now become a completely mainstream consumer medium,” notes Randy Rothenberg. “The industry is at a complete inflection point. We know that this is big not in the future but […]

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