Coverage of Major Events

Beet produces videos of major events such as the 4A’s, Cannes, DMEXCO and associates the Sponsor with the videos.

Note: Due to the pandemic, we are not covering any physical events in 2021. We are covering some virtual events, however such as Advertising Week, Fall TV and ANA Masters in Marketing.

Custom Events

Beet produces a range of custom events. These usually involve a half day program of sessions and conversation on a topic deemed of interest to the Sponsor. Beet does all the programming, production and logistics. The Sponsor provides input into the content, speakers and format. The entire program is produced for video with an audience of some 50. These events take place at advertising agencies, publishers or hotel event space. Beet produces about 8 such programs a year. They take place in New York, London, San Francisco and Chicago.

Note: Due to the pandemic, we are not creating physical events in 2021, we have a capability, however, to create virtual events for sponsors.

Bespoke Series

Beet creates thematic series which usually are comprised of 15 videos. The themes and content are framed by the goals of the sponsor.

Note: During the pandemic, these are the primary partnership opportunities.

Executive Retreats

Beet creates extraordinary executive retreats which are limited to 100 participants. The intense 3-day program create content, exchange information and build business relationships. The events, called Beet Retreats, are held at destinations including San Juan, Miami and Los Angeles

Note: Due to the pandemic, the next Beet Retreat will be November 17-19, 2021 in Santa Monica.

For more information and pricing, contact info@beet.tv