Digital Media in Transition

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When the digital media industry gathers on Marco Island at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting, it will find a fast-changing landscape, powered by new technologies, consumer preferences and advertiser expectations.

The opportunities and emerging strategies in this period of transition will be explored in a series of video interviews with industry leaders, produced at the conference.

Beet.TV’s series from the IAB ALM is sponsored by Sharethrough.

Topics covered in the series will include:

Responsibility, best practices, and the demands of marketers. What are the key challenges for sustainability in ad tech in 2024? How will we get emission standardization to allow for mass adoption in 2024? What targets have you set for your organizations and how do you plan to measure your progress?

Programmatic/data optimization, and generative AI in the creative process. Core opportunities in generative AI? Creative experimentation, targeting, etc.

Monetization strategies from both the buy and sell sides. What’s next for CTV? Ad format experimentation? Who will win the streaming war? Thoughts on consolidation, walled gardens and impact on industry players?

Performance & Attention Metrics
How has the attention challenge evolved over the past couple of years? How can marketers maximize attention metrics? How effective are the current measurement techniques/metrics in use to evaluate how much attention ad campaigns generate? Any developments or ideas for improvement?

Cookieless & Curation
What’s going to happen with Chrome and Privacy Sandbox? We see solutions in place, but what challenges do you forsee in terms of adoption?

Retail Media
Retailers as publishers or data providers, and opportunities for brands. What will be the best practives for collaborators between partners to scale this format?

What comes after removal of MFA sites? How can we clean up ad tech?

Production and Distribution

Beet.TV will be on location at IAB ALM in Marco Island, January 28 – 30.

Published videos are 5-8 minutes in length. Videos will be published on Beet.TV, its syndication network and through its social media channels.

To arrange an interview, please contact Katy Charles, Chief of Operations at Beet.TV –