Decline Of News Supply Could Hurt Marketers: GroupM’s Montgomery

Around the world, news organizations are being caught in a perilous pincer movement. On the one hand, many consumers are now ebbing away from classical news outlets, instead getting their information through social platforms. On the other, advertisers are following suit – alarmed at either the consumer migration or the increasingly downbeat tenor of news […]


How To Weigh Digital Risks around News : 360i’s Rozen explains

Contextual mishaps always existed in the days before digital. Ads always got placed next to editorial their buyers wish had not been there. But it is the control, power and automation promised by digital that has made media placement faux pas harder to take. That is a takeaway from one digital agency exec currently undertaking […]


Tech Platforms Taking More Than They Give News Publishers: GroupM’s Norman

Why is $300 million the new black? Because that is the amount that both Google and Facebook have each pledged to spend on initiatives for news publishers, both over three years. For one ad agency veteran who is now a board member at one of the world’s largest news organizations, that may not be enough. […]


How GroupM Counsels News-Averse Brands: Schiekofer

Do advertisers have a moral duty to continue spending in news organizations? And what kind of effectiveness can they find there? Over the last year, concern has grown that some brands are opting out of a news environment where the level of political discourse has turned negative. Some media agency executives told Digiday they had blocked hundreds […]


SVOD Growth is Driving Brands To News Sites: UM Worldwide’s Content Chief Gaul

The growth in subscription, ad-free media services like Netflix is forcing brands to look at alternative messaging formats in a land where, once, they enjoyed ad space between content. News has become an increasingly attractive environment. That is according to one agency content chief who helps the brands find the best way to meet their […]


News Business Needs Both Advertisers & Subscribers: NYT’s Howard

Five years ago, in an excoriating and self-flagellating internal report, The New York Times gazed hard at its navel – didn’t like what it saw. “We are not moving with enough urgency,” said The New York Times’ leaked Innovation Report. “Our journalism advantage is shrinking as more of these upstarts expand their newsrooms. Many (of our […]


‘Absurd’ For Advertisers To Shun News: GroupM’s Norman

Is bad news bad news for brands? A sometimes-toxic political climate has prompted some advertisers to shun news publishers. Some ad buyers buyers have even blacklisted news sites. Now publishers are fighting back. Vice has accused brand safety platforms of censorship and others like BBC News, News Corp, The Economist and CNN are protesting that bad news can be good news […]


The News Environment is an Essential Place for Storytelling, HPE’s Marissa Freeman

A couple of years back, Hewlett Packard Enterprise partnered with CNN-backed video site Great Big Story to make a series of mini-documentaries about innovation, The Dreamers… For Marissa Freeman, it’s all part of a trend in which she sees appearing in a news environment as moving the needle. “For us, it’s all about being in […]


Brand Safety Tools Are Censoring News: Vice’s Delport

Over the last year, several news or so-called news sites have found their way on to the blacklists which some ad buyers and platforms use. Some media agency executives told Digiday they had blocked hundreds of news sites. We have also seen publishers like BBC News, News Corp, The Economist and now Vice Media protest that there is nothing bad about […]


Charged News Environment Powering Intense Consumer Engagement for Marketers, CNN’s Andrew Morse

The last two years have seen heady days – a sometimes-toxic political climate, on the one hand, and a growing trend in advertisers shunning that news, on the other. Some ad buyers buyers even blacklisted news sites, prompting one publisher to accuse them of censorship and others like BBC News, News Corp and The Economist to protest that bad news can […]


News Is a Brand Safe “Opportunity,” Twitter’s Nick Sallon

Over the last two years, we saw how many advertisers – deterred by an increasingly down-beat news agenda – were turning their dollars away from news itself, with some buyers even blacklisting news sites. Now the publishers are getting more vocal, however. In recent months, we have heard from the likes of BBC News, News Corp and The Economist and now Vice […]


Marketers Need to be in the News Environment: Procter & Gamble’s Pritchard

While Marc Pritchard would like to see more of a balance between positive and negative news coverage, Procter & Gamble maintains a presence on a variety of news programs. It’s also leveraging broader and more in depth news content in the form of deals with CNN’s Great Big Story and Katie Couric Media. “Marketers need […]


Beyond News Headlines Is A ‘Tremendous Appetite’ For Information: Omnicom’s Sullivan

If advertisers want to be seen alongside news content, they need to employ simple and genuine messaging. But there’s lots of room beyond that type of content in the broader category of “news” to provide useful information that many people are seeking, according to Omnicom’s Catherine Sullivan. “The news environment is a little tricky right […]