I Did It My Way: Tubi’s Massoudi Prefers The Long Tail To The Water Cooler

Almost a decade after he co-founded Tubi, and despite selling to Fox for $440 million, Farhad Massoudi is happy not to have a smash hit. While subscription video services has boomed, many fuelling their growth with the pursuit of tent-pole productions, Massoudi is happy with niche, long-tail content. In this video interview looking back with […]


Climate Change Will Be Bigger Topic at Cannes: Good-Loop’s Amy Williams

The media and marketing industries are growing more mindful about their effects they have on the environment. While media companies and ad agencies may not spill deadly chemicals in waterways or strip-mine forests for minerals, advertising relies heavily on electricity that is mostly generated by burning fossil fuels. That’s where ethical advertising platform Good-Loop fits […]


Supply Chain Optimization Can Unlock Ad Insertion-Order Budgets: PubMatic’s Rajeev Goel

Adtech company PubMatic this month introduced a service called Activate to help marketers find the most efficient way to buy the advertising inventory of media companies with what’s known as supply path optimization (SPO). Activate lets media buyers to execute non-bidded direct deals on PubMatic’s programmatic platform, accessing premium video and CTV inventory at scale. […]


Help Us to Build Schools in Remote Regions: Team Dayā’s Jay Sears

The dizzying changes in U.S. media and advertising technology can make it easy to forget that many people worldwide don’t have access to a basic education. Team Dayā, a not-for-profit group started by ad-tech executives, is working to build schools in lesser developed countries to help boost literacy as a key step in lifting people […]


Beyond The Buzzword: Habu Aims Clean Rooms ‘Upstream’ In Client Conversations

At this point, it may seem like “clean room” solutions have gained widespread understanding in the media business. But the tech, which allows for data collaboration while maintaining consumer privacy, still has a ways to go. In this video interview with Beet.TV at LUMA Partners’ Digital Media Summit, Noah Fenn, VP, Consulting Partnerships, Habu, explains […]