Apple’s IDFA Change Will Hurt Publishers & Advertisers: Epsilon’s Elert

By ripping up the fabric of ad targeting on iOS devices in pursuit of consumer privacy enhancement, Apple will impact advertisers and publishers alike. That is the view of one marketing executive who has been trying to solve this kind of problem for several years. Apple is due to change its Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA), […]


How To Solve Identity & Safeguard Privacy: Comscore’s Gantz

BOSTON –  Deprecation of third-party cookies and now Apple’s decision to make its IDFA mobile ad system opt-in by consumers will have a profound impact on how advertisers can target audiences across screens. So how can ad buyers adapt and change tactics? Apple is due to change its Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA), which advertisers use […]


Apple’s IDFA Change Could Drive CTV Advertising, MMA’s Greg Stuart

Apple is tearing up the fabric of ad targeting on iOS devices in pursuit of consumer privacy enhancement – but a majority of marketers are scratching their heads and may move from iPhone to Android. That is according to a man who represents more than 800 leading brands on the topic of mobile marketing. Apple […]


AI, Advertising & The Identity Era: IBM’s Bachstein

You don’t need an algorithm to tell you the US west coast is ablaze this week – but the advertising business, too, is being set alight. Opt-in privacy legislation, deprecation of third-party cookies and Apple ripping up the fabric of iOS ad tracking all pose a threat to the norms of digital ad targeting. Sheri […]


Apple’s IDFA Move Means Fragmentation: Kinesso’s Johnson

SAN FRANCISCO – Apple’s decision to rip up the fabric of iPhone ad targeting will force marketers to seek out alternative methods that include closer, more direct relationships with users. The tech company is due to change its Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA), which advertisers use to identify iOS devices so they can deliver customized advertising, […]


Apple’s IDFA Change Forces App Makers To Re-Think User Journey: AppsFlyer’s Quinn

OAKLAND – Apple’s decision to rip up the fabric of ad targeting on iOS devices will have big repercussions, forcing businesses to change both their revenue mode and their user experience. That is according to one executive whose company is now having to help app owners through the turbulence. The tech company is due to […]


After Identity, Context Can Power Ads: News Corp’s Layser

The traditional fabric of digital ad targeting, identity, is being ripped up thanks to major changes. What could replace it? Deprecation of third-party cookies poses a profound threat to the accepted norms of ad targeting. now Apple is also turning off its IDFA, an iOS user profiling technology, unless users turn it on. In this […]


Apple’s IDFA Change Will Destroy Chunks Of Economy: LUMA’s Kawaja

Apple may have delayed a big change to the way advertisers can get user data from iOS devices – but the change will still be profound for advertisers. More than that, however, the change could have a destructive effect on sections of the overall economy, right when many businesses are suffering from the effects of […]


‘Bumpy Road Ahead’ To Apple’s IDFA Change: Forrester’s Liu

Privacy legislation and browsers’ third-party cookie deprecation were just the start. Tech companies’ latest moves to limit ad targeting aim to do so at the operation system level. Apple has declared iOS its IDFA (Identity for Advertisers), a tool which helps them gather user data, will enable user control for the system by default. It […]


How Apple Benefits From IDFA Change: Washington Post’s Albergotti

SAN FRANCISCO – Apple may have delayed its proposed change in its IDFA iOS ad toolset – but the switch, when it comes, will nevertheless have profound implications. The Identity for Advertisers component of the mobile operating system is how advertisers can gather and connect aspects of app users’ identifier. Apple has been due to […]


Apple’s IDFA Change Will Hurt Consumers & Apps: IAB’s Mitchell

SAN FRANCISCO –  Apple has always tended to play by its own rules. That was the case when its first staff were toiling in a garage to build their first machines, and it is the case today when it is making profound changes to the fabric of advertising software. Besides the deprecation of third-party browser […]