Beet Retreat ’14: Jan. 24-25, the W Retreat & Spa, Vieques, presented by Videology

The third annual Beet.TV Executive Retreat on January 24-25 at the W Retreat & Spa on the Caribbean island of Vieques.   Over the course of two days of  panels and presentations, this group of industry leaders will explore the emerging medium of digital video.  Topics will  include  ad effectiveness and measurement;  the emerging platforms and strategy for distribution;  programmatic and real-time buying;  web original entertainment and news video;  “native” advertising;  interactive advertising;  syndication and discovery — and other topics.   The conversations will be deeply informative.  In addition to the programming, the participants will enjoy unique off-the-grid networking. The entire program is being produced for video.

Keynote Speakers


Why the Beet Retreat is So Special

Here is a testimonial from Roland Hamilton, General Manager of Dailymotion, North America.   He was a participant and his company was the lead sponsor of this year’s retreat which took place in February:

“The Beet.TV Retreat in Vieques is a one of a kind conference. What makes this conference special is the host and his carefully curated guest list and program. Andy Plesser provides the perfect venue to discuss big ideas and develop relationships with current and future business partners.  I was consistently impressed by the level of the speakers and moderators as well as the organization of the activities. I highly recommend.” To view the 45 video segments from this February Beet Retreat, visit this directory page.

This is a Beet-produced video of the island’s wild horses eating the locally-grown mangoes. They can be found rooming the grounds of the W.