Wunderman Exec on Creating Video With Social Dynamics

When it comes to measuring digital video, some metrics are more valuable than others, says Gurval Caer, Vice Chairman Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer at Wunderman, a division of WPP, in an interview with Beet.TV. “Yes, it’s about views, but it’s more about time spent and the sharing that happens,” he says. That’s why it’s important to […]


Branded Video Must be Tailored to the “Venue,” Mindshare’s Migliozzi

Branded video performs best when it’s tailored properly to the platform, says Joe Migliozzi, Digital Lead at Mindshare NA, in an interview for Beet.TV with Paul Kontonis, SVP Strategy & Sales at Collective Digital Studio. “The consumers are defining the platforms for the brand. If it’s a platform where the consumer is trying to find more information […]


Group M’s Boserup: Programmatic Buying to Become Dominant Trading Method

CANNES – Programmatic buying is on pace to become the default buying method for trading digital ad inventory, says Johan Boserup, Global CEO GroupM Trading in an interview with Beet.TV. He adds that while programmatic buying won’t be the only way to buy, it will take a bigger share. However, he warns that digital video as […]