More Creative Formats Boost Mobile Performance: Light Reaction’s Dolan

BARCELONA — As mobile advertising booms, it’s likely much of the growth has come from the low-hanging fruit of desktop inventory, shovelled on to the small screen, and from standard mobile display banners. But mobile advertising can do much more, and one of WPP’s divisions is recommending advertisers take advantage. “There’s been a lot of […]


Light Reaction Prices Programmatic By The Outcome

So-called “programmatic” technology for targeting and trading online ads has become pretty good at wringing certainty out of ad placement. But what about certainty on uplift? Paul Dolan thinks he can help with that. The exec from WPP’s Xaxis data-driven ad tech unit is also now GM at Light Reaction, a Xaxis off-shoot looking at adding something more […]


WPP’s Xaxis Launches “Light Reaction,” a Mobile Performance Unit

Becoming sort of holding company within its parent WPP, Xaxis is launching new, stand alone businesses. The latest is called Light Reaction, a company that measures the impact of mobile advertising, says Brian Lesser, Global CEO of Xaxis in this interview with Beet.TV The new unit is an amalgam of two acquisitions of ActionX and […]


Xaxis Exec: Online Video Will Benefit from More Data and More Premium Content

SAN FRANCISCO — Despite the love-hate relationship some marketers have with GRPs, look for that standard measurement to play a part in digital and programmatic buying. Metrics like GRPs as well as ad buying strategies like automation can help bring more brands to digital that are more familiar with TV, says Paul Dolan, SVP Global Business […]


Xaxis’ Dolan: Brands have No Advantage Going to an Open Auction Marketplace

As part of the movement to programmatic buying, some brands are bypassing their agency trading desks and going directly to the open market auctions. We reported recently on The Kellogg Company as one of the first such earlier movers. But going to the open marketplace has limitations, says Paul Dolan, SVP at Xaxis, the programmatic […]