Former P&G Global Marketing Officer Jim Stengel: Give Creatives ‘Simple, Inspiring Briefs’

ORLANDO – Having handled an $8 billion advertising budget and organizational responsibility for nearly 7,000 people while at Procter & Gamble, Jim Stengel is more committed than ever to the importance of marketing. The former Global Marketing Officer is heartened to see resolution and commitment at the Masters of Marketing Conference to getting brands back […]


Beyond A Clean Supply Chain: Advertisers Focusing On Effectiveness, Says comScore’s Aaron Fetters

ORLANDO – What is considered a “safe” digital advertising environment for one brand might be unacceptable to another. For the latter, blacklisting entire websites or domains is one solution, but it doesn’t have to be that way. This is one of the concepts behind comScore’s rollout of its new Activation suite, an offering that enables […]


Forget Storytelling, It’s All About ‘Story Making’: Mastercard’s Raja Rajamannar

ORLANDO – Listening to Mastercard’s Raja Rajamannar, one wonders how marketers juggle the myriad the complexities and challenges that did not exist a mere decade ago. Even if they manage to master technology, brand safety, cause marketing and acquiring suitable talent, consumers don’t want to see their ads. So it’s a bit ironic that brands’ […]


P&G’s Marc Pritchard: Objectives Were Met Despite $100 Million In Digital Ad Cuts

ORLANDO – Earlier this year, Procter & Gamble cut $100 million from its digital advertising budget because of long-running concerns about the integrity of the media ecosystem. It was “kind of a pretty big move” that nonetheless paid off because the company still grew and met its objectives, according to Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard. […]


Reorganize The Marketing Department Around Consumers: MXM’s Anton

ORLANDO, Florida – Georgine Anton believes the “marketer’s dilemma” is something created by marketers themselves. She describes it as “a vestige of many years of building the marketing department so that today they’re built more by channel than around the consumer.” Anton, who is President of Meredith Xcelerated Marketing, has a theory for how this […]


Marginal Return On Ad Spend ‘New Beast’ For CMO’s, Says Neustar’s Nichols

ORLANDO, Florida – Chief Marketing Officers’ biggest mandate is being able to figure out “Where should my next dollar go,” says Neustar’s Wes Nichols. In other words, how to maximize return on marginal investment. “If I have an extra million dollars, do I put it into marketing or trade funds or into new production innovation?” […]


Deluxe Crafts Eight-Part Documentary To Highlight Centennial, Small Businesses

ORLANDO, Florida – If you are Deluxe Corp., a longtime player in the printed checks business, how do you get a documentary on Hulu? Enlist Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec to help conduct a “revolution” and bring it to small-town USA. Amanda Brinkman is one of the stars of the eight-episode series Small Business Resolution—along with […]


Spotify’s Branded Moments: The ‘Authenticity’ Of Music Meets Exclusive Engagement

ORLANDO, Florida – Having afforded three major brands 100% share of voice for 30 minutes at a time, it will be interesting to see how Spotify measures return on that exclusive consumer exposure. The streaming music service is still in a beta test of its “vertical video experience” with Baccardi, Bose and Gatorade, according to […]


MediaLink’s Spiegel: Clean Up Overlapping Digital Supply Chain Partners

ORLANDO, Florida – Against a backdrop of headlines calling into question digital business practices by media agencies, the digital supply chain needs “clean up” its duplicative players or else marketers could pull back on their participation. That’s the prognosis of MediaLink Managing Director Matt Spiegel, who sees way too much duplication in that supply chain. […]


Snapchat’s ‘Really Huge’ For Ever-Expanding Shake Shack Chain

ORLANDO, Florida – From its humble roots as a hot dog cart in Manhattan’s Madison Square Park, Shake Shack now boasts locations as far-flung as Russia and South Korea. Along the way, it has relied heavily on social media to communicate how it has “upped the ante on what to expect from a restaurant that […]


From TIAA-CREF To TIAA: Become ‘Radically Simple,’ Use Lots Of Digital

ORLANDO, Florida – Shortening the brand name TIAA-CREF to TIAA was the easy part. But how do you convince millions of people of various age groups that they should trust their financial assets to the nearly century-old Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association? “The reality is we did a ton of science” about TIAA customers, says […]


ANA’s Pace: Marketers Should Assert Themselves To Overhaul Digital Supply Chain

ORLANDO, Florida – As the Association of National Advertisers continues to shine a spotlight on the issue of non-transparency in marketer/media agency relations, its Chairman says there’s a bigger issue at play. If he could, Tony Pace would “hit the reset button” on the entire digital media supply chain. In an interview with Beet.TV at […]

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