How Can Brands Balance Omni-Channel & Creative: Cannes Panel w/ Adobe, Forrester, IBM and Essence

CANNES — Many in the ad industry are pointing the finger inward, blaming the sector for alienating audiences through the over- and extreme use of targeting technology. That kind of consensus is forming, with executives promising to rebalance the audience relationship through better messaging. Still, even as the industry looks to correct itself, it is […]


Adobe’s Eadie On The Reunification Of Media & Creative Agencies

After transparency, back-handers and disintermediation by platforms, media agencies are also facing a competitive challenge from interest shown by big consulting firms. Is this the nail in the coffin for the traditional ad agency? Not necessarily, but their role may well evolve in the next few years. That is the view from one exec whose […]


“Utopia” Of Programmatic TV is Getting Closer: TubeMogul’s Eadie

SAN FRANCISCO – The holy grail of mass-market TV through which advertisers can target individual viewers is coming nearer as better and better ad tech improves prospects, says one company playing in this emerging area. “We obviously don’t have that utopic state in linear TV right now,” says TubeMogul CMO Keith Eadie in this video. […]