Ad Overexposure on Connected TV Harms Brands & Streaming Platforms: Magna’s Kara Manatt

Seeing the same commercial over and over for a long time has been part of watching television. That doesn’t mean the phenomenon is any less annoying for viewers, 87% of whom said they see too many of the same advertisements, according to a study by the media trials unit of Interpublic’s Magna in partnership with […]


Research: IPG Zeroes In On Tablet Video Users

NEW YORK – The results of research which has indicated strong characteristics in favor of tablet video were obtained using techniques cut from tablets’ own cloth. IPG Media Lab’s research for YuMe found tablet users are most likely not to multi-task whilst watching video. “We had a very large sample size of about 8,300 people,” the […]


Tablet Users More Attentive, Tablet Ads Generate Better Recall, IPG’s Manatt

Videos ads on tablets often grab a viewer’s attention more because tablets are highly personal devices and consumers are usually holding them in their hands, says Kara Manatt, VP, Consumer Research Strategy at IPG Media Lab in an interview with Beet.TV. IPG studied tablet effectiveness and drew several takeaways – consumers often use their tablets when in […]