Tablets Aren’t Mobiles: Collective CEO Apprendi

PALM SPRINGS, CA — Many mobile ad spending numbers consider smartphones and tablets together. After all, each is more portable than a desktop PC. But not for multi-screen video ad tech firm boss Joe Apprendi. “I’d argue mobile is a state of a device – you’re either in motion or you’re at rest,” says the […]


Collective’s CEO Apprendi: Sell Side or Buy Side, “You’ve Got to Pick Sides”

PALM SPRINGS, CA –  Since its inception, digital advertising services company Collective has focused on brand marketers, not publishers.    Joe Apprendi, CEO and co-founder says that a number of technology providers are covering both the “buy side” and the “sell side” of the advertising marketplace. He says that companies need to pick which side, […]


Multiscreen Consumers Outnumber Single Screen by Three Times

LAS VEGAS — Multiscreen consumers now outnumber single-screen consumers by three to one, with about 203 million multiscreen consumers in the United States, says Joe Apprendi, CEO of ad technology company Collective, during an interview with Beet.TV at CES. Collective is working with marketers and agencies to help them reach audiences in a targeted fashion across […]