Viewer Data Determines Real Ad Effectiveness: Ampersand’s Heftman

MARCO ISLAND, FL — In the new era of TV ad attribution, the key to the kingdom is a real viewer relationship. That is according to a company whose tech helps MVPDs track the actual outcome of the ads they air. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ethan Heftman, SVP, Agency Sales, Ampersand, explains what’s […]


Going Home: A+E’s Heftman On Viewer Targeting, Social Distancing

These days, the lives we lead are increasingly home-bound – and that’s exactly what marketers hope to capitalize on through new connected TV channels. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Senior Vice President, Advertising Sales at A+E Networks, describes two trends focusing on the home: Household-level TV ad targeting, and the quest for even more […]


A+E Networks Seeks TV Attribution Next-Gen: Heftman

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — The ability to track a consumer business action back to an ad exposure is one that has existed in digital media for some time. Now advanced connected TV platforms are getting in on the “attribution” act. Plain old linear TV can promise advertisers the same power – but more complex attribution […]


Adapting To Advanced TV: A+E, NBCU, LiveRamp Execs Discuss

Advanced TV ad targeting tactics present the promise of up-ending the traditional way in which TV ads are bought – upfront and for a mass audience – in favor of something more real-time and personalized. But buyers need to be walked through the transition, and an ultimate conversion to 100% addressable may not be the […]


Outcomes Priced On ‘Cost Per Whatever’: A+E’s Heftman

SANTA BARBARA — Television ad salespeople need to go beyond just selling impressions and brand marketers need to empathize with the underlying goals of their companies  in an age where outcomes are becoming more in-demand. That is the message from one leading advertising exec at US TV company A+E Networks. The company, which operates channels […]


Re-Thinking TV Ad Load: NBCU, A+E, TiVo & NCC Tell Forrester’s Joanna O’Connell

SAN JUAN — How long should a commercial break be? How lengthy should a TV ad be? And how many is too many? Over the last 18 months, TV networks have wrestled with that question, as booming VOD subscriptions has gone hand-in-hand with growing consumer frustration toward excess interruption. That has spurred many networks to […]


The Tension Between Cost Efficiency, ‘Proper Business Rationale’: A+E’s Heftman

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico—As traditional television networks weigh the benefits of completely upending their business models, they also find themselves as middlemen of sorts between advertisers and agencies. This is the view of Ethan Heftman, VP, Precision/Performance, A+E Networks, who notes “a bit of a bifurcation, a division between what brands want and what the […]