Horizon Media’s Campanelli: ‘First-Party Data Is the Holy Grail’

Addressable TV puts audience data and insight at the center of buyer and seller strategies, helping them to better target the people most likely to resonate with ad spots on both linear TV and, increasingly, OTT platforms. That’s helped inform smarter buys and has led to more transparency into how ads are performing and the […]


Smart TV Is Pulling Ad Spend Back From Digital: Horizon’s Campanelli

For so many years, the fear has been that the major online platform companies were sucking money from traditional media. But television may now be pulling back some of that ad spend, because the old dog is learning new tricks. “Several years ago there was a big move towards the digital side of things and […]


For Horizon, Attribution Is The Next Frontier

The emerging future in which software can measure all TV viewing and link viewers’ consequential outcomes back to ad exposures is coming in to view. And some agencies are stepping up to demand that proof as a baseline. Case in point: Horizon Media, the large independent agency. In this video interview with Beet.TV, David Campanelli, […]


Horizon’s Campanelli Wants Guaranteed Ad Results

David Campanelli,  EVP at Horizon Media, the largest independent advertising agency,is one of the ad buyers beckoning the industry away from its traditional methods of proving efficacy, toward a future in which ad exposure can be linked to eventual consumer outcomes – and priced accordingly. Many third-party ad vendors have been moving in the same […]


Horizon Media Tests ‘Advanced TV’ Ad Targeting: Campanelli

AUSTIN — Media agency Horizon Media doesn’t think true programmatic ad buying is coming to television any time soon – but that isn’t stopping it from trying out some of programmatic’s techniques to understand ad targeting better nevertheless. Horizon Media national TV SVP David Campanelli tells Beet.TV the company is using ad tech vendor Rovi’s Ad […]