TV Is Great But Complex, Say Stressed-Out Viewers: Viacom Research

Viewers still love TV, they use it to de-stress, and they have more of it available than ever. But the plethora of viewing options threatens to make audiences’ lives more complex, not less. That is according to research commissioned by Viacom. The owner of MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and Channel 5 recently published Today’s TV, […]


Addressable TV Strategy Varies By Country: Viacom’s Kurz

The newest technology to get TV people excited is “addressability”, the practice through which internet-connected TV devices allow for granular targeting of individual audiences. That would move the world beyond the old system of selling ads against shows, to one in which advertisers buy actual audience members. But getting there globally may not be straightforward […]


Canadian Research Shows Misconceptions, Attributes Of TV Viewing: Viacom’s Kurz

TORONTO – Turns out that Canadian television viewers aren’t much different from those in other countries. Research shows that in-home viewing promotes “household bonding” while providing a much-desired cultural connection to the outside world. Not that the advertising industry knew this instinctively. In fact, it’s been looking in the wrong direction for awhile, according to […]