Omnicom’s Cortex Gives McDonald’s A Wizard’s Brain: DDB’s Weiss

In an age where datasets through warehouses have become commoditised, what can be a competitive differentiator? For Ari Weiss, CCO, North America, DDB, the difference is all in the brain. Specifically, the Cortex. That’s the name for the collaborative unit inside DDB’s We Are Unlimited, the agency dedicated to serving McDonald’s. Cortex, which launched two […]


DDB’s Weiss: Great Storytelling By Brands Will Always Beat Chasing Technology

Brands can only chase new technologies for so long before they become mainstream. At that point, it’s creativity that matters. It happened in the early days of television and it’s happening all over again, says Ari Weiss, North American CCO for DDB in this interview with Beet.TV in which he explains why he looks forward […]