Streaming Boom Accelerates the Adoption of CTV

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Consumers are shifting TV viewing habits quickly. Many are moving to streaming services as cord cutting accelerates and programmers make more content available through IP-connected devices. 

The result of this transformation is new opportunities for marketers to target consumers via CTV advertising while bringing the impact of linear TV and the targeting and attribution of digital together in a single offering.  

While the opportunity is clear, the path to ad spend migrating to CTV is being defined. Marketers and their agencies are looking for guidance and transparency with their CTV buying strategies.

  • What are the biggest successes you have seen with CTV to date? Verticals, KPIs, etc?
  • What have been the biggest challenges to implementing CTV campaigns?
  • How do reach and scale need to be addressed when considering a CTV buy?
  • How do measurement and attribution factor into the shift to CTV?
  • What are important considerations when it comes to CTV inventory quality?

These and other questions will be explored in a video series. The series will feature interviews primarily with independent media agency executives who are navigating these waters.

Production Notes

The series goes into production in mid-September and will continue through October. The series will debut in early October. All reporting will be done remotely via Zoom, Webex and other remote platforms.

Videos will be published on Beet.TV, its syndication and via its social media channels. 

To suggest candidate for the series, please contact Katy Charles, Senior Producer at Beet.TV