End Of Cookies Is Good News: LiveRamp’s Howe

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — The sun may be setting on the main way advertisers have historically used to target audiences. But there may be a better option on the horizon. Google has declared it will phase out all third-party cookies – the tiny, user-side files that store information – from its Chrome browser by 2022. Ad-tech companies were […]


Context Is Back: Comscore’s Gantz Reboots An Old Ad-Tech

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — The digital ad industry has spent the last five to 10 years deriding the old method of targeting advertisements, which involved placing ads against recognisable content deemed to deliver a suitable audience. Instead, it got preoccupied with technologies which promise hyper-detailed targeting of individual users, regardless of the content they are […]


In Crumbling Cookies, An Opportunity: LiveRamp’s Harkins

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — The way the online advertising business has targeted audiences for years is being ripped up – but marketing technology vendors are trying to see the glass half-full. Google has declared it will phase out all third-party cookies – the tiny, user-side files that store information – from its Chrome browser by […]


Context Is King: ZEFR’s Raddon On Video Brand Suitability

Brand safety tools can only get you so far. To really understand whether a video is suitable for advertising against, many ad buyers are now turning to technology that can peer inside videos’ hidden data to more accurately describe it. “The problem with keyword analysis is that there’s a sparsity of language,” says ZEFR co-CEO Rich […]

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