A Powerhouse Media Redefined: Advanced TV is Powering Growth for Marketers

a Video Series at the ANA
presented by the FreeWheel Council for Premium Video

At the annual ANA Masters of Marketing annual conference in Orlando (Oct 24-77), Beet.TV will produce a video series of interviews with leading marketers, media agency executives and programmers on the topic of advanced TV and how it is powering growth.

The interviews will examine how established and upstart  marketers are embracing advance TV tools including the use of data to target consumers.  The series will explore how marketers are engaging with consumers via different screens. Also discussed will  be consumer attitude towards TV commercials and the changing demands for creative solutions. 

Videos will be taped on location at the conference center.  The five-minute segments will be published on Beet.TV, The Drum, Reuters and will be  widely shared on social media.

To suggest a segment for inclusion, please contact Katy Charles: katy@beet.tv

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