New Series In Production: The 2017 TV Upfront: What’s Next, presented by FreeWheel

Beet.TV is going into production on the series:  The 2017 TV Upfront: What’s Next. The series will explore various themes that are central to the 2017 television Upfront season.

We welcome your company’s participation in this 20-segment video series that begins production on March 27 around Manhattan and  in our studio on East 25th Street on Thursday, March 30. Taping continues until April 15 when the series launches.

This programming is sponsored by FreeWheel.

Here are some of the key points we will discuss with buy-side and sell-side interviewees:

  • Cross-platform audience tracking and measurement
  • The ongoing shift to audience-targeted buys/guarantees
  • Ensuring safe environments for premium video advertising

Beet.TV video interviews are widely syndicated via the Huffington Post, AOL, Reuters and other media outlets and social channels including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Studio Taping

Thursday, March 30 from 9:30 – 4:00, Neuhouse, 110 East 25th Street

To suggest a booking, contact