Programmatic Video at a Turning Point: a Beet.TV Series presented by SpotX

For many top broadcasters and publishers, the perception and use of programmatic video has dramatically changed:  It has transitioned far from its early days as a means to sell unsold inventory to become a widely accepted solution.  It has become mainstream.

The many facets of the evolution of the “sell side” of the programmatic video marketplace is being explored in a 25-part video series produced by Beet.TV in New York, London and Cologne.   Tapings will take place on in New York on Wednesday, September 9 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Here are some of the topics to be covered in the interviews:

  • The general growth and evolution of the video advertising industry and the continued use of programmatic
  • The coming convergence of digital and ‘traditional TV’ and the need of content owners for a truly holistic inventory management/monetization platform that covers all screens
  • The evolution of the digital video ad industry with publishers moving toward managing/monetizing all of their inventory on a single platform that can encompass direct sold and programmatic transactions.  Often utilizing a programmatic first strategy.
  • The trend of more publishers making their premium quality content available programmatically through the use of private marketplaces (either 1-1 or 1-few type engagements)
  • The rise of mobile overall.

Taping location: NeueHouse – 110 East 25th Street New York

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