In Production: The AT&T Relevance Conference, a Leadership Series

Beet.TV is producing a series of video interviews, both in advance and on location in Santa Barbara, at the AT&T Relevance Conference.  Included in the series will be speakers and attendees.

Among the topics to be covered in the interviews:

  • Why are you attending Relevance Conference (RelCo)?
  • Why is it so important to stay relevant in advertising today?
  • What one thing you look forward to at RelCo
  • What one thing you want to learn at RelCo
  • What’s going on in the back half of the year in your company?
  • What are the key points that are driving your business?
  • What next for you?

 To suggest or arrange a video interview, please contact Katy Charles at Beet.TV

“Relevance was inspired by one simple philosophy: In an age of infinite content, the strongest currency is consumer attention. At a time when consumers face endless choices, relevance is the only real way to make your message resonate.”