Finding Success in a Time of Transformation, a Beet.TV series produced at DMEXCO 2018, presented by PubMatic

Beet.TV is producing a series of video interviews gathered at DMEXCO. The series will focus on how publishers are developing successful strategies within the ever-evolving digital ecosystem. The convergence of regulatory changes, such as Europe’s GDPR, transparency initiatives, including the IAB’s ads.txt, and advertisers mandating a clean supply chain has not only shined a spotlight on the industry but has also unlocked tremendous potential for those players that are evolving to meet market demand.

 Topics will include:

  • What key industry trends have the greatest impact on your success?
  • What challenges need to be addressed for independent publishing to remain successful?
  • What are the core factors affecting growth across channels and platforms?
  • How do you define success in today’s dynamic digital environment? 

Location @ DMEXCO

Andy and crew will be set up in Congress Center North, right in front of the Press Center and near the VIP Lounge (both are up the escalator from the ground floor). In this floor plan, the Congress Center is labeled “CC North”.
For Andy: 1.917.881.8139 /
For our producer, Brian: +49 15787638033 /