SMG Triples Addressable TV Business, EVP Scheppach

FORT LAUDERDALE — Everyone in ad land is wondering how realistic it is to apply internet-style targeting and programmatic control to the TV ad-buying process. So-called “addressable TV” gained ground this year – but what does the next year hold? “This has been an amazing year for addressable television,” according to SMG precision video SVP Tracey […]

Addressable TV Ad Spend Up 3x: SMG’s Scheppach

The ability to target individual television ads with internet-style precision is no longer just a fantasy – it’s here and now. In fact, spending is booming. “I’m putting about three times as much money in the marketplace as I was a year ago,” Starcom MediaVest Group’s precision video EVP Tracey Scheppach tells Beet.TV in this video interview. […]

Addressable TV will Provide Unprecedented Granularity, SMG’s Scheppach

CANNES — So-called “addressable TV”, in which TV sets can now speak back to broadcasters, are tantalizing with the promise of household-level ad targeting. But addressable TV is not just about more refined TV targeting – the device in the living room is one platform that will feed in signals to an overall system which will produce […]

Addressable TV Delivers Big Sales Lift, Scheppach, Bologna

CANNES — Addressable TV promises to be a powerful tool for reaching consumers at scale with creative that’s carefully targeted to them, but how much lift are marketers who are investing in it actually seeing? “You’re seeing 50, 60, 70% increase in sales lift,” says Tracey Scheppach, SMG’s EVP-Precision Video Director, in a panel discussion […]

Access to Set-top Data Holding Back Addressable TV, SMG’s Scheppach

CANNES — Since the value that addressable TV delivers is widely understood, what’s hampering its adoption?  Investment banker and CEO of LUMA Partners Terence Kawaja asks these panelists in a session taped aboard the AT&T AdWorks yacht. The mindset of big brands accustomed to the notion that they can buy a massive audience of adults […]

A Down UpFront Means an Upside for Addressable TV: SMG’s Scheppach

CHICAGO — The amount of money SMG advertisers are spending on so-called “addressable TV”, which helps buyers target unique consumers via cable and satellite boxes, with Internet precision, is on course to double this year. “We sized the addressable market for 2014 at about $300 million,” says Tracey Scheppach, EVP of Precision Video at Starcom MediaVest Group, in this […]

Addressable TV Will Spawn a “Renaissance” in Creative Ad Making, SMG’s Scheppach

CHICAGO – The emergence of targeted, household-level TV advertising, will spawn a “renaissance” of creative ad making, says Tracey Scheppach, EVP of Precision Video at Starcom MediaVest Group, in this interview with Beet.TV She explains that creativity will be essential in delivering the right message to the targeted household.   But this renaissance is not happening quite […]

TV Operators Holding Back Addressable Dreams: SMG’s Scheppach

FORT LAUDERDALE — The industry talks a good game about using data from addressable TV sets to target TV ads at household level. But Tracey Scheppach has been knocking at that door for the last 13 years. Scheppach, EVP, who leads innovation at Starcom MediaVest Group and who leads VivaKi’s The Pool initiative, says TV operators […]

Tech Means ‘Creative Renaissance’ For TV: SMG’s Scheppach

CHICAGO — The internet may have displaced newspapers, magazines and radio in many consumers’ lives. But advertising execs – even those from technology backgrounds – don’t believe TV is about to croak any time soon, a Beet.TV panel heard. DigitasLbi’s programmatic strategy and analysis VP Brian Zaben: “It’s not going anywhere. It will just be more informed. […]

Programmatic TV Is A Hard Sell: SMG’s Scheppach

CHICAGO — Programmatic digital ad trading techniques have their place in the TV world – but no-one should expect adoption like that which has been seen in online display so far, says one video ad exec. “Digital thinking is, for sure, going to come over to TV,” says Starcom MediaVest Group’s precision video EVP Tracey Scheppach […]

‘Addressable TV Will Take Off In 2015’: SMG’s Scheppach

CHICAGO — In 2014, TV began learning the targeting tricks that digital media have deployed for years. In 2015, those techniques will kick in to high gear, says one ad agency exec. “(In) 2014, I see a marketplace that has essentially gone from zero to $300 million of spend,” according to Starcom MediaVest Group’s precision video […]

‘Cross-Platform Measurement Is Ready’: NBCUniversal’s Kelly Abcarian

LOS ANGELES — The television industry is grappling with significant changes in the way viewership is measured, including greater emphasis on how advertising campaigns drive business outcomes. With consumers splitting their time among a wider variety of screens, cross-platform measurement has become a bigger priority. Amid these developments, NBCUniversal this year undertook a major effort […]

Beet Retreat Participants

Ben Antier Co-Founder & CEO Publica Publica, a unit of Integral Ad Science Kevin Arrix SVP DISH Media Katie Back CRO Operative Robert Bareuther SVP Business Development Brian Beirne VP, Strategic Sales Operative Carly Benson VP West VideoAmp Rahil Berani Head of Brand Partnerships TripleLift Adam Bergman VP, National Ad Sales VIZIO Jason Brown […]

Dreaming of Cannes

The Virtual Cannes Party and Fundraiser  Supported by Univision Co-Hosted by Donna Speciale, Univision & Andy Plesser, Beet.TV Our Special Guests Kelly Abcarian NBCU Ameneh Atai Nielsen Dan Aversano Univision Communications Inc Anna Bager OAAA Jack Bamberger Amobee JT Batson Hudson MX Tal Chalozin INNOVID Katy Charles Beet.TV Andrea Ching OpenSlate Yale Cohen Publicis Media […]

Addressable TV Is Going National: Beet Retreat Panel

SAN JUAN, PR — Until now, the shimmering promise of targeted TV ads was stuck in a marginal concept – that it could only be executed in live, linear TV, and only within a sliver of ad inventory. But that is all set to change. US addressable TV is going national. In a session dubbed […]

Ad Buyers Need Help On OTT Ads: Beet Retreat Panel

SAN JUAN, PR — The new TV landscape offers advertisers the opportunity to better plan, target and measure their campaigns, in a manner more reminiscent of digital marketing. But how are advertisers adapting to the palette of options presented by OTT (over-the-top) and connected TV delivery? In a panel called “Buy-Side Perspectives – The Big […]

Addressable Is More Than TV Targeting: DISH’s Arrix

SAN JUAN, PR — For marketers, the single promise of so-called “addressable” TV technology used to be simply targeted advertising. But, in 2020, the promise is much greater than that. Now broadcast platforms are discovering they can offer advertisers a more diverse set of use cases than just targeting alone. In this one-on-one interview at […]

AdTech Doyenne, Target’s Kristi Argyilan, to Headline the Beet Retreat in San Juan Feb 5-7

Kristi Argyilan, president of Target’s Roundel unit, will be among the featured speakers at the annual Beet.TV executive retreat taking place in San Juan on February 5-7. From her days as president of MAGNA Global to her pioneering work at Target and for the formation of Roundel, Kristi is among the most admired, innovative executives […]


Wednesday, February 5th 3:00 – 3:30 pm Group Meets, Los Rosales Ballroom   3:30 – 3:35 pm Welcome & Introduction to the Beet Retreat Andy Plesser & Jon Watts 3:35 – 3:45 pm Forrester’s Look at the Future of Advertising by Joanna O’Connell, VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester 3:45 – 4:00 pm Keynote: Roundel: Retailer as […]