‘I Invented Header Bidding’: Now O’Kelly Is Making Marketing Programmable

COLOGNE — Thank Brian O’Kelley for the new-wave way that publishers are maximizing yield by tapping in to multiple demand sources. In the words of the AppNexus CEO himself: “I invented header bidding back in 2009.” Using that technology, publishers don’t have to be hemmed to selling their space through just one ad exchange, they can take […]

Accuen CEO Pagliuca: Header Bidding Will Accelerate Trend Of Direct Programmatic Relationships

MIAMI – Accuen, Omnicom’s programmatic agency, sees the future of programmatic media buying involving more direct relationships between advertisers/agencies and publishers—a trend that will be hastened by header bidding. As it turns out, the industry had to go forward before going backward, starting with manual buying, according to Megan Pagliuca, Accuen’s Global CEO. Then came […]

Political Campaigns Benefit From Header Bidding: Intermarkets Snow explains

This election year, $1.1B of an expected total of $11.4B political ad spending will go to digital, according to a recent Borrell Associates estimate. But how is that money being used online? One advertising technology firm buying ads for campaigns says a new flavour of programmatic is rising – and not all ads have to be political in […]

MediaMath Sees Publishers, Advertisers Skirting The ‘Waterfall’ Via Header Bidding

VIEQUES, PR — Header bidding in programmatic advertising—not necessarily a new concept but one that’s gaining in popularity—can only benefit publishers and advertisers when both possess an intimate knowledge of the techniques involved, according to longtime practitioner Sam Cox. Simply stated, header bidding enables publishers to avoid the “waterfall effect” of how ad exchanges offering […]

IAB Mulls ‘Header Bidding 101’ To Help Standardize Latest Ad Tech

Just when you wrapped your head around “programmatic”, a new variant of the data-driven advertising technology is creeping on to the scene. In so-called “header bidding“, publishers offer inventory to multiple ad exchanges before alerting their ad servers, intending to garner multiple bids on the same inventory and so make higher prices. Now the Interactive Advertising […]

OpenX Opens Up Header Bidding To Real-Time Guarantees

PALM SPRINGS — The latest piece of ad-tech lingo is “header bidding” – a kind of advance bidding on ad inventory where publishers offer ad spots to multiple sources of ad demand, hopefully increasing their yield. Ad-tech vendor OpenX is amongst the pioneers in the space. And now its recently-announced Real-Time Guaranteed (RTG) system is connecting […]

Header Bidding Rears Its Head With Yield And Cost: OpenX’s Saifee

PALM SPRING — Look out; there’s a new piece of ad-tech lingo on the block. So-called “header bidding” has emerged as “one of the primary drivers of growth in programmatic for publishers over the last year”, according to OpenX monetization VP Qasim Saifee. So what is it? Digiday’s “WTF?” series explains: “Header bidding, also known as advance bidding […]

In Its ‘Third Innings’, Header Bidder Ready To Bat For Mobile: Oath’s Gillis

Header bidding, the technology which now allows publishers to entertain bids for ads from multiple demand sources simultaneously to gain higher prices, has been operating for just about two short years. But in that time it has gained much favor amongst display ad sellers. Now it is ready to shake up one of the fastest-growing […]

How Meredith’s Schenck Works With Platforms, Beyond Headers

It took only a few short years of “programmatic” advertising for a new sub-variant, “header bidding”, to come on to the scene. But one publisher thinks that technology, which lets ad sellers entertain bids from multiple demand source simultaneously to achieve higher yield, should not be talked about as a distinct product. “Header itself, overall, […]

IBM, MediaMath Craft Partnership For Futuristic Infrastructure And Cognitive Bidding

COLOGNE – Despite the many innovations birthed by the advent of digital marketing, there’s still much to be done to deliver ads to people that don’t annoy them. This is why IBM and its Watson artificial intelligence assets are teaming up with demand-side platform pioneer MediaMath to create an infrastructure that supports cognitive bidding. The […]

Header 2.0 Puts Publishers Choice On The Server, Gardner Says

HOLLYWOOD — In the new programmatic buzzword of “header bidding”, publishers no longer have to run auctions for ad buys sequentially; they can audition multiple demand sources simultaneously, to get the highest price. The practice has been around a few years, but spent 2016 bedding in. In 2017, however, header bidding is changing. No longer confined […]

OpenX Hoping To Optimize The Use Of Multiple Header Partners

The increased popularity of header bidding has spawned an outgrowth of header partners for publishers along with new container solutions, introducing complexity that can lead to heavy pages and slow loads—negatives for user experience. OpenX is hoping to tidy up the multiple header partner playing field with its Meta solution, according to Qasim Saifee, the […]

Google’s Latest Ad Announcement Changes Little: Magnite’s Kershaw

LOS ANGELES – The journey to the future of advertising identity is long and winding. Amid the deprecation of third-party cookies and limits on other tactics like mobile identifiers, the industry is striving to develop new methods with which to identify audiences. In doing so, perhaps it has become so used to reading about forthcoming […]

Ad Serving is the Foundation of a CTV Tech Stack: Publica’s Ben Antier

The television advertising marketplace is undergoing a major shift as marketers seek to reach audiences who are watching more video on internet-connected devices. The digital transformation makes ad servers a fundamental part of the way video publishers help those marketers get seen by viewers. “For publishers, ad serving is the foundation of a tech stack. […]

30 Seconds To Infinity: Callahan on How Fox Is Re-Inventing The Ad Break

Traditional TV advertising may have settled on a commercial break consisting of 30-second commercials a long time ago. But, in the internet-connected TV (CTV) era, the old shapes are being rebooted. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Dan Callahan, SVP of data strategy and sales innovation at Fox, describes how new technology is ushering in […]

Toward Programmatic TV: Roku’s Parampath

There are those in the media industry who think anything that can be automated will be automated. But, when it comes to TV, even connected TV, it’s not yet entirely clear that everything will be automated. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Roku VP of product management for advertising Louqman Parampath describes how his company […]

Learning Digital’s Lessons: Discovery’s Murray On Programmatic TV

If you want to know which way the new digital TV ad sales will go in the next couple of years, look toward the experience of digital display – but not too closely. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Bill Murray, VP of programmatic solutions at Discovery, says a sprinkle of digital must be balanced […]

AI Promises to Boost Programmatic Efficiencies: PubMatic’s Andrew Baron

The advertising marketplace has found multiple applications for artificial intelligence (AI) technology that handles more advanced problem-solving at higher speeds. Those uses include several parts of programmatic marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers of advertising in automated auctions. “Each of these will drive some sort of revenue lift yield, from the perspective of publishers,” […]

AI Can Do Heavy Lifting To Clean Up Ad Supply Chain: MediaMath’s Archibald

It was technology that caused the digital ad supply chain to become cluttered and ineffective – so can technology put it right again? In the battle to straighten-out the digital ad ecosystem, artificial intelligence is being leveraged to do the volume of work that humans cannot. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Charlie Archibald, VP, Data […]

Three Levels Of CTV Ad Optimization: Publica’s Antier

PALO ALTO –  Connected TV is booming, offering advertisers powers like household targeting, geo-targeting frequency-capping. But, where automated systems book the ads, there is also a risk of creative ending up in undesirable positions. That is why ad server vendors like Publica are working to introduce optimizations. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ben Antier, […]