The Consumer is in Control: A New Era for Digital Media, a leadership series presented by MediaMath

Consumers want respect and control when it comes to their personal data and privacy.  At the same time, it’s crucial for advertisers to create a meaningful value exchange through the delivery of through relevant, engaging and personalized content

As the power of data driven marketing continues to fuel the robust growth of digital media, publishers and AdTech companies have extraordinary opportunities.  At the same time new challenges related to the implementation of GDPR in Europe, continuing fallout from the Facebook data debacle and the use of adblocker software persist.

How are smart advertisers, publishers and AdTech vendors navigating this time of transition to meet their own goals while increasingly putting the consumer first?  Beet.TV will explore strategies and solutions in a series of video interviews conducted in New York in May.

To suggest an interviewee, contact Andy Plesser