An Industry Readies for GDPR: a Beet.TV Series Goes into Production at CES, presented by Criteo

In May of 2018, GDPR, a new set of privacy rules for digital publishers will be implemented by the European Union. The implications will be wide ranging, not just for European citizens and companies, but for the entire digital industry. Beet.TV will be in production starting at CES in Las Vegas and continuing in January in New York and London. Interviewees will include media agencies, publishers, adtech platforms and a range of influencers.

Among the topics covered:

*Industry guidance on what will be best practices/solutions and the plans of companies.

*The expected impact of GDPR on media, marketing and e-commerce businesses – what it means and what will be the impact.

*How will the European rules impact how business is done in the U.S. and other markets?

*Does GDPR auger a setback or an opportunity for digital media?

*How does GDPR redefine privacy globally?

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Production Notes:  Taping will take place on Tuesday (late afternoon) and all day Wednesday and Thursday (Jan 9-11) at the Criteo suite at the Aria.

This series is presented by Criteo.