GOING INTO PRODUCTION: Advanced Audience Targeting: The New Marketplace for Television Advertising, a Beet.TV Series presented by dataxu

TV advertising is undergoing a transformation, allowing marketers to target exactly the audience they are looking for. The marketer’s dream is becoming a reality, allowing them to buy only those target consumers on any screen they use to receive media. This is enabled through audience segmentation using rich consumer data and new technologies designed to streamline the TV buying experience. 

Through a new series of interviews with senior executives drawn from both the buy and sell-sides, Beet.TV will explore these developments. The series will examine the state of Advanced TV targeting, the impact of “addressable audiences everywhere” on the television industry as we head towards the May Upfronts, and perspectives on the long-term outlook of the world of sight, sound and motion.

Beet.TV goes into production the week of February 26.  Tapings  will take place primarily at the Neuehouse Studio at 110 East 25th Street on Tuesday and Wednesday, February 27 & 28th.    To confirm a booking, contact Beet.TV senior producer Katy Charles, katy@beet.tv

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