Gaskamp On Videology’s Transition To A SaaS Business

MIAMI — It’s become known as one of the major video ad-tech platforms on the block, allowing publishers and ad buyers to plan and executed targeting campaigns using an online dashboard. But Videology didn’t start here. Nearly a decade ago, things were a little more hands-on – and the company had to hold its customers hands […]

Videology’s Gaskamp: Publishers Getting More Involved With Their Inventory, Using Fewer Systems

VIEQUES, PR — Publishers are getting more aggressive with and knowledgeable about their inventory across platforms while legacy systems try to adapt to the demands of converged advertising. These insights were shared by Brent Gaskamp, SVP, Corporate Development, NA, Videology, who also predicts that publishers will consolidate the systems they now use. Publishers share the […]

Adobe’s TVMM Is First OTT TV SSP: Videology’s Gaskamp

LAS VEGAS — Back in December, Adobe updated its Primetime ad platform with TV-buying capability, dubbed TV Media Management (TVMM), powered partly by Videology. The feature aims to let broadcasters plan and package up ad slots in their over-the-top (OTT) offerings. So, what is the big idea? “The content emerging on all of those platforms is premium content […]

How to Allocate Inventory, Synch up Data, Videology’s Gaskamp explains

FORT LAUDERDALE — As clients move deeper into data-driven marketing, the key is to look across the portfolio to understand which inventory is most valuable for using data in new ways, says Brent Gaskamp, business development SVP at Videology in an interview with Beet.TV. “We try to help our partners understand their business from a portfolio perspective. […]

Advertisers’ Three Tech Challenges, According To Videology’s Gaskamp

A world with so many new opportunities to plan, manage, target and execute ad campaigns is also one full of challenges for advertisers. What are those challenges? Brent Gaskamp, business development SVP for video ad tech platform Videology, takes a stab in this video interview with Beet.TV: “Workflow – how do I create a better experience […]

Videology Partners In Programmatic TV ‘Evolution, Not Revolution’: Gaskamp

AUSTIN — Videology sees its recently-inked integration deal Comcast-owned ad tech platform FreeWheel as “bridging the gap” until true programmatic TV advertising might finally be enabled. Last month, the pair announced video ad tech vendor Videology would plug in to FreeWheel to help advertisers buy video inventory programmatically on publisher sites through its FourFronts program, an extension of its private marketplace. […]

Videology’s Gaskamp: Most Of Our Ads Are Upfront

In the emerging world of digital video advertising, many in the industry are getting excited by the possibility of programmatic-style real-time video ad buying, as well as by dynamically-inserted video ads. But video ad tech platform Videology says most of the ads its clients buy in videos are bought more in advance like that, just […]

Programmatic Is Not Just For Real-Time: Videology’s Gaskamp

FORT LAUDERDALE — So-called “programmatic” ad-trading techniques may have come to market at the real-time bidding (RTB) end of the spectrum, allowing ad buyers and sellers to do business in real-time marketplaces – but that doesn’t mean they have to stay there. In this video interview, enterprise video ad software tech firm Videology‘s North America […]

Video Ads Changing Faster In EU Than US: Videology’s Gaskamp

LAS VEGAS — America’s patchwork TV provider landscape means linear’s move to data-driven digital ad trading is not happening as quickly as in some other parts of the world, says video ad tech vendor Videology. “We’re very complex (in the US), there’s a lot of people involved in that change,” says the company’s north America development […]

Videology’s Gaskamp: Display Ad Tech Doesn’t Work For Video

There is no straight line from planning a textual or pictorial display ad campaigns to doing so for video, says one video ad tech exec. “A lot of the technologies that were built and deployed in the online display world don’t translate well in to video,” says Videology‘s development SVP Brent Gaskamp. “Some people have […]

Digital Video Buying Goes Multi-Platform, Videology’s Gaskamp

Many folks in the online video advertising world are advancing their notion that TV and online video advertising are fusing together. Now some new numbers show how strong that belief is. This report commissioned by video ad tech group Videology from Forrester finds a majority of advertisers, agencies and media organizations believe ad campaigns will […]

The ‘P Word’ & The Automated Future Of TV: A Panel Debates w/ Videology, Clypd & DataXu

If programmatic advertising technology means automation, what place does programmatic have the in the increasingly digital TV business? Unlike the typical picture of programmatic which most people have, TV ads are sold upfront, ahead of time, rather than in real-time. What could TV possible want with programmatic. A panel convened by Beet.TV discusses the options… […]

Beet Retreat Agenda

November 16-18, 2016 The Royal Palm South Beach with Media Partner dall sessions in East Ballroom Wednesday, November 16 Keynotes: 3:00p – 3:15p Andrew Deming, SVP, Marketing, Bank of America Dan Bruinsma, Chief Investment Officer, GroupeConnect (Publicis) with Tracey Scheppach, CEO & Founder, Matter More Media 3:15p – 3:30p Brian Cordes, Director of Client Solutions, AT&T […]

The Future of TV: Coming Into Focus at Beet Retreat Miami, November 16-18

A group of senior industry leaders will gather in the Miami, November 16-18 for the upcoming Beet Retreat, a deep dive into the future of advanced TV.   The three-day event will not be streamed, but will be produced as a series of some 40 videos to be published over the following four weeks.   […]

Beet Retreat 2016: The Transformation of Television Advertising, presented by

November 16-18, 2016 The Royal Palm South Beach with Media Partner Keynote Speakers: Mike Bologna, President, Modi Media Brian Cordes, Director of Client Solutions, T&T AdWorks Andrew Deming, SVP, Enterprise Media and Communications Planning, Bank of America Kristin Dolan, CEO, 605 Scott Ferber, CEO, Videology Benjamin Jankowski, SVP Media, Mastercard Bill Livek, President, comScore Tracey Scheppach, CEO […]

US Election Will Drive Programmatic Momentum: says DashBid, MediaMath, Rubicon Project, SpotX & Videology

VIEQUES, PR — Programmatic advertising is expected to consolidate its place at the advertising table in the campaign for the upcoming US presidential election. Ad spending in the upcoming presidential election could trump the last poll by 20%, reaching $11.4bn, with digital breaking the $1bn barrier, according to a Borrell Associates forecast. And programmatic video could […]

Carat’s Doug Ray to Headline the Beet Retreat in Vieques Next Week, w/ AOL, Google, Facebook, GroupM, IPG, Merkle, Videology & Xaxis

The transformation of the media agency and its trading desk; the next evolution in programmatic; the new forms of video advertising across screens, will be among the topics explored at Beet Retreat, a two-day executive retreat being held on the Caribbean island of Vieques next week. Doug Ray, CEO of Carat U.S.  will be among the […]

Beet Retreat Agenda

Thursday Early arrivals can do video interviews in the studio, in the meeting center, “Studio 1” is the room. From 11:00 – 3:00. Set a time with Here is the home page for the Beet Retreat 4:00 — 4:45, W Lobby Informal meet-up for panelists and moderator to huddle 5:00 – 6:15, “Great Room […]

One-to-One Data Will Change the Television Business, WPP’s Irwin Gotlieb

The availability of one-on-one data for marketers, driven by the recent comScore/Rentrak merger, will fundamentally transform advertising decisioning and  insight into consumer behavior, says Irwin Gotlieb, Chairman of GroupM, the media agency unit of WPP. He shares his views on advanced TV and data with Maria Mandel Dunsche, VP, head of marketing for AT&T Adworks. This […]

Beet Retreat ’15: Agenda

Session Location:  All sessions are in Studio 234, one meeting space, on the second floor.  There is no registration check in, just join us.  Individual tapings will happen, also on the second floor, in Studio 5 and the Gallery. Wednesday, November 11 4:00 – 6:00pm Keynotes: A Series of 20-Minute Conversations Jason Brown, VP, Advertising […]