WASHINGTON  — Politico, the fast-growing Web site for U.S. politics,  has been expanding its video programming with live Webcasts, reports from the campaign trail and recorded shows done in the newsroom.

Yesterday, we were in Politico’s newsroom for a chat with executive editor Jim VandeHei who is encouraging many staffers to appear on video.  He says “authenticity” is essential —  no need to be “Tom Brokaw,” he says. 

Big Big Video Night on Super Tuesday

Politico’s live programming is done on the set of its parent company’s WJLA-TV, the ABC affiliate in Washington.  Its Super Tuesday coverage was seen on CSPAN (a first)  and also on NewsChannel8, the DC-regional all news channel.

Super Tuesday results were also streamed from from the Wall Street Journal.  Over at The New York Times, live and produced video reports were streamed.

More on Super Tuesday digital coverage in this round-up by Brian Stelter of The New York Times.

Andy Plesser