London-based ad management platform Videoplaza earlier this month closed a second round of fundraising for $12 million from Qualcomm Ventures and Innovacom that will be earmarked for international expansion and product development, said Sorosh Tavakoli, founder and CEO of Videoplaza, in this interview with Beet.TV.

The company has grown its ad serving volume five-fold in the last year. Videoplaza is expecting huge growth from non-PC devices this year. Tavakoli explained that back in 2010, it didn’t deliver any ads outside of PCs, but by the fourth quarter of 2011 about 8% of its ads were from non-PC platforms, such as mobile phones, Sony Bravia, tablets, gaming consoles and other devices, he said. He predicts non-PC devices will account for more than half Videoplaza’s traffic by 2013. As such, Videoplaza is planning a product relaunch next month with a new name to reflect its work selling audiences across all devices.

Videoplaza focuses exclusively on serving the sell-side of the business. “It aligns our incentives with the client base,” Tavakoli said.

Daisy Whitney