While there has been dramatic growth in online video advertising, mostly in the form of in-stream ads, there is a big opportunity for original, sponsored video programming. 

Seeking to connect advertisers, producers and the  big portals with the emerging medium, the big digital ad agency Digitas is organizing a two-week series of day-long programs in New York.

Digitas, which has had its own event digital marketplace for the past five years called the NewFront, has expanded to the Digital Content NewFronts, a partnership organized by Digitas, with the me members AOL, Hulu, MSN, Yahoo! and YouTube.

The New Fronts will be held in various locations in Manhattan from April 19 – May 2.  The Digitas day will be April 26.

For an overview on the new program and emerging medium of original video, we spoke with Paul Kontonis, VP, Group Director, Original Content at the Third Act, Digitas.

News of the New Fronts was first published by the Wall Street Journal.

Note: We at Beet.TV are pleased that Kontonis will be keynote speaker at the Beet.TV conference in Vieques next month.

Andy Plesser