Livestream, the New York-based live video services company, is getting traction with its premium service, booking some $350,000 per month in revenue from 1,000 premium customers who pay $350 each.

CEO and founder Max Haot gave us this rundown last month in San Francisco when we interviewed him at the NewTeeVee Live event.

The company has a two tier offering: a free, advertiser supported platform, and a paid solution with no ads with optional Livestream branding. 

In this interview, he says that Livestream is powering 100 million streams to 15 million* unique users per month.

He also told us about his company's platform for the iPhone, which does not entail a downloadable application.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

Disclaimer:  Livetream provides its premium service to Beet.TV in exchange for visibility on our site and our events.   Last week's Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable at the Embassy of Finland in Washington, has gotten some 7,000 viewers watching 100,000 minutes of content, so far.

*Correction (2:30pm):  We've corrected this post. We had erroneously reported that Livestream had 50 million unique views. The correct number 15 million unique views.  Our apologies.

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