"TV Everywhere," the emerging strategy of cable giants Comcast and Time Warner to allow web users to log onto cable offerings online, has broad implications for the content industry.

During the Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable, co-moderator Rafat Ali posed the question about the prospects of  "TV Everywhere."  Answering the question was Bob Mason, CTO and co-founder of Brightcove.

He explains how the technology and its system of rights management will establish a syndication scheme for online video publishers.

Frank Babieri, CEO of Transpera,  adds that the success of mobile bodes well for TV Everywhere.

This is a four minute clip.

Here's a recent update on the topic by paidContent's Staci Kramer

Update: 11.2:  Apple might jump into the TV Everywhere mix, according to a report today by Peter Kafka at MediaMemo.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

Editor's Note:  On the thumbnail image of the video is (L to R) Rafat Ali and Vivek Shah, President of Time Inc. Digital.